Hong Kong Chewy

I have spent five days in Hong Kong. It has been an extravaganza of food. There is much to do here and a lot to see, but food and shopping are the two main activities, unless you count horse racing and gambling. I hate shopping, so eating was the focus.

Hong Kong food varies: from the best street food I have ever eaten, to a three star Michelin Chinese restaurant.  We sampled it all.  Overwhelmed by the prospect of writing about all the food, I decided instead to photograph every dish we ate. Yes, every dish. I gained five pounds in five days. Second breakfasts, third lunches, double dinner.  Special mention to Tim’s Kitchen, and Chuen Kee Seafood in Sai Kung Harbor…and of course Lung King Heen. I am in awe.

We were only three; let the orgiastic feast for your eyes begin…it is a long slideshow. At some point I will try to put a brief caption for each photo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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1 Response to Hong Kong Chewy

  1. Irene says:

    I agree totally. Food and shopping are THE things to do in Hong Kong…and that’s what I do whenever I am there :)

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