Eat a Peach! or Egyél Egy Barackot!

I am astounded by the bounty here in Hungary. It is as though the earth, the farmers and orchard keepers have a little secret. None of it is GMO. They kicked out Monsanto. Well, that is what they say; I have not researched it thoroughly. There is even a Hungarian Melon Cartel, I shit you not (more on that later).

The local supermarket chain COOP in town is selling perfect peaches at 45 cents a pound. FORTY-FIVE CENTS A POUND; I KNOW RIGHT? I tried one and it was pretty perfect. I have an advantage in that I do not have to shop for peaches or apricots at the market. I have four peach trees to choose from, and the boughs are laden. I am just outside of the city in a village called Érd. It is famous for its peaches–world famous. The Érd Barack (barack is pronounced baratsk; the sound is similar to the “o” in often.) I could write endless blogs on Hungarian language, but I am afraid I would get lost, as many a sane soul has.

We have made compotes, ice cream, twenty-seven jars of jam, grilled them with savory spices. Jarring is next, and when I need a break from all that, I just walk into the garden shirtless, pick a peach and have it explode juice everywhere. My grandfather used to say the only way to really eat a mango was in the bath tub. Ditto on these peaches. I will spare you images of me eating peaches in the bath tub. You are welcome.

I am in peach heaven.

Happy Summer Days to All

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1 Response to Eat a Peach! or Egyél Egy Barackot!

  1. Eda says:

    Yum! Japanese peaches are horribly expensive and don’t even taste very good. The tree in the garden isn’t ready to make babies yet. Eat a couple for me!

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