Yes…here is another blog.  And on top of that another blog about food, mostly.  It really is about things that I obsess on…and I obsess a lot mostly on food, and music, and food, and obsessing.  The name of the blog comes from a drunken evening and a great meal with my dear friend David.  We were spinning on about how I should have a cooking show.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, a couple of cocktails, bottles of wine and settling into an aged Mescal after dessert.  What to call it?  I tend to talk a lot, ask anyone who knows me, and I often say inappropriate things.  I hear, TMI TIM. 

 My passions and detours, in life (how does one actually take a detour in life?) always seem to find me in and around the kitchen, or foraging for local vendors, produce, cookware, restaurants, or secret mushroom sites.  I was a professional cook at one time, and had the great good fortune to work with some of the best chefs in the world.  All that means now is that I am competent to realize any recipe and blend ingredients together in ways that generally make me and the people for whom I am cooking happy.  Of course, the libations help immensely too, so I am sure I will delve into those from time to time. 

 Cooking professionally is by far the hardest career I ever had.  The hours are grueling, the tasks of preparing endless minutiae of mis-en-place mind-numbing, and the hierarchy of a French kitchen along with the heat of the ovens is oppressive.  Not to mention the warfare of a service – where the clients reign supreme, and the chef, whose reputation is staked on each plate, examines it as if a part of his soul is leaving the kitchen looking for the smallest imperfection.  If he finds one God help you!  We are a brigade at war in search of perfection.  It was also incredibly rewarding, and at times I miss it terribly.  Feeding people is a joy.  It is the only profession I know of that uses the five senses constantly.  If you find another one, let me know.  I truly would like to know.  The camaraderie of a service well executed, and the exhaustion of the abating adrenaline is addictive.  I asked a famous chef why we do this, why do we suffer so much?  His response is one I will not try to explain or dissect was, “It is all about mummy…” 

It is easy to do something well once; it is very hard to do it twice a day 300 days a year.  So now I just cook for my pleasure and those around me.  I salute professional chefs and cooks, and in the words of Jacques Pepin in his original dedication of La Methode and La Technique…”To the chefs who sweat to create cordiality among men.”

 I welcome comments/disagreements/suggestions/questions, and of course praise if it is warranted.  Join me on my blogorney and let’s have fun together.  Pull up a stool; share a simple dish and a glass of wine.  Bienvenue


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    Well done! Looking forward to more. ; )

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