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Hong Kong Chewy

I have spent five days in Hong Kong. It has been an extravaganza of food. There is much to do here and a lot to see, but food and shopping are the two main activities, unless you count horse racing … Continue reading

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The Capital (One)

My eyeballs are burning. Even the saline rinse does nothing to alleviate the stinging. The black particulate that appears on my handkerchief along with the mucus of a long-lingering on and off seven-week cold feels as though evil has settled … Continue reading

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Eggzactly…and nothing else

30 November 04:30 am As I rode in the cab, which smelled like a NYC nightclub changing booth, to JFK for the first leg my twenty plus hours of flying to China I could only think: what is the maxim … Continue reading

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Bonacker Clam Pie

In the tradition of the Bonac people, named for Accabonac Harbor–originally natives of England– who settled into the Springs area of Easthampton, NY(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonackers) I am making a Bonacker Clam Pie.  The recipes are guarded very closely and passed on from generation to generation.  … Continue reading

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